.Net Programming


 Course Duration: 96 Hrs

Course Fees: Rs. 5000/-

Course Content:


  • Computer Fundamental:  Uses of Computer, Hardware,Accessories,
  • Interfaces and their functions, Computer hardware connectivity.
  • Primary and Secondary storage
  • Input-output devices
  • Software, types of software, Operating Systems.
  • Software used in Academic departments and other area.
  • Computer language, Different types of Programming Languages.
  • Operating System (Introduction, the Need of Operating System, Functions of Operating
  • System User Interface)
  • Introduction to Computer Languages
  • Generation of Computer Languages
  • Low level, Assembly and High level Languages
  • Different types of High level languages
  • Computer Program
  • Difference between Procedural Language and OOPS Language
  • OOPS Concept and it advantages.


  • C# Basics
  • Boxing & Unboxing value types
  • Error Handling (Exceptions Handling)
  • Enumerations
  • Structs
  • Classes
  • Inheritance & Polymorphism
  • Interfaces & Abstract Classes
  • Collections
  • Multithreading Programming
  • File Handling
  • Win Forms
  • Database Connectivity



  • ASP .NET WebForms
  • ASP .NET Server Controls
  • Server Control Events
  • Validation Controls
  • User Controls in ASP .NET
  • Working with Master-Detail relationship
  • ASP .NET State Management
  • ASP .NET Caching Services
  • ASP .NET Configuration
  • ASP .NET Web Application Security
  • Transaction Management
  • Building .NET components
  • ADO.Net


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